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Having USCIS deny your application for Permanent Residency or a visa can be incredibly frustrating. If your petition or application has been denied or revoked by the USCIS, in most cases you may appeal the decision to the Board of Immigration Appeals (“BIA”) or Administrative Appeals Office (“AAO”). Our New York City Immigration Law Firm has extensive experience in filing appeals and motions to reconsider.

  • Perhaps you unintentionally provided information that was inaccurate- and now you have been charged with immigration fraud. You have been denied your visa or permanent resident status. An appeal may provide a more fair result.
  • You may have had previous counsel assist you and they were negligent in their handling of your case.
  • Perhaps you have reason to suspect that certain pieces of information in your petition or application might have wrongly caused immigration authorities to question your admissibility. Now you wish for an opportunity to clarify the evidence, strengthening your position.
  • Your case may have been denied due to the fact that the judge or adjudicating officer incorrectly applied the law.

Whatever your situation may be the Immigration Attorneys at the Fisher Legal Group can assist you through the appeals process. When you appeal an immigration decision, your Immigration appeals attorney will most likely file a brief (a legal explanation) in support of your appeal. The brief will seek to demonstrate that the decision was based on an incorrect application of law or USCIS policy. If at a later point you have new or additional evidence, you can file a Motion to Reopen.


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