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How Long Does Someone Have To Wait For An Answer To Their Petition?

The length of time that someone has to wait for an answer to their petition can vary. When an individual files a case with the immigration agency, the immigration agency sends them a receipt notice, which has a receipt number. With that receipt number, the individual can check the case status on the internet by going to However, this isn’t the most reliable way to check the status of a case because it’s a public database that is often riddled with mistakes inconsistencies. The most official and reliable way to find out the answer to a petition is to wait for the actual notice, which is usually sent by regular mail. The green cards are usually mailed by USPS priority mail.

What Sort Of Documentation Does Someone Receive After Being Approved?

When the case gets approved, the immigration agency sends an approval notice. If the individual has an attorney, then that attorney gets a copy of the approval notice. An individual receives the actual green card in a separate envelope at the same time that they receive the approval notice. It’s a plastic card that is the size of a driver’s license, and it gives the individual permission to live and work in the United States permanently (unless it’s a conditional green card, which we discussed earlier). So, the individual would get two documents: the approval notice and the actual green card.

How Does Entering The US Illegally Impact Someone’s Immigration Prospects?

There are two kinds of illegal statuses in the Unites States. One kind of illegal status is when somebody crosses the border and comes to the United States without a visa. The other type of illegal status is when a person initially enters the US legally with a visa, but has since overstayed that visa. If somebody came to the United States illegally by crossing the border without a visa, it’s a lot more difficult for them to legalize their status. In fact, it’s almost impossible. There are very few scenarios in which a person who entered the US illegally could achieve legal status.

People who enter the United States legally and simply overstay their visa can legalize their status in a limited number of cases, for example, being in a real, bona fide marriage with a US citizen. That US citizen would have to file a petition to sponsor them for a green card. I say “bona fide” marriage because the immigration agency takes marriage fraud very seriously, and they do investigate it. Therefore, it’s very important that the individual is in a real, bona fide marriage.

If a VAWA case is approved, it doesn’t matter how that person initially entered the US; even if they did so by illegally crossing the border, they would still be able to get a green card.

Why Is It Important To Hire An Experienced Attorney To Handle The Immigration Process?

There are a lot of clients who do file cases on their own, and if they know how to file it, then they are more than welcome to do that. The reason it would be a good idea for clients to retain an immigration lawyer is because we deal with these cases on a daily basis, so there is nothing unknown to us. If a client decides to file a case on their own, everything will be completely new to them.

There are certain kinds of cases that clients might not be able to handle on their own. For example, if a client has a serious criminal conviction, that conviction could seriously affect their application for a green card. This is especially true if it is an aggravated felony, which is an immigration term for certain types of convictions. There are only two crimes in immigration law. One is a crime involving moral turpitude, and the other is aggravated felonies. If a client has an aggravated felony on their record, it would be very difficult for them to figure out how to represent themselves.

If the government wants to deport an individual, then the process is called removal proceedings. If a client is in removal proceedings, it would be difficult for them to handle the case on their own. That person is given a date to appear in front of an immigration judge, and they have to prove to the judge that they have immigration relief available to them. Simply saying to the judge, “I’m a good person, I work, I didn’t do anything wrong, I don’t have a criminal record,” is not enough. They need to have a relief. Normally, a person who doesn’t have a legal background does not have the legal information that is necessary to understand how to navigate a removal proceedings case. If an individual is in removal proceedings, it’s highly recommended for them to hire an immigration lawyer.

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