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shutterstock_13400506According to USA Today, immigration could be next on Congress’ agenda, if the Senate manages to pass a long-term budget today. House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio said that immigration is a priority for the coming year, and many expect the Senate to pass the bipartisan budget deal.

The deal would remain intact for the next two years and would create a clean slate for Congress to begin working on immigration issues. “It’s going to happen,” said Vice President Biden. Additionally, the deal would stay the possibility of another government shutdown next year.


Some believe that Republicans in the House are the biggest threat to the success of an immigration law overhaul in the United States. In fact, one can assume that the immigration will become a hot-button election issue in the fall, even though Republicans opposed a similar deal that allowed millions of immigrants to pursue American citizenship.

Various House committees approved five immigration-focused bills that will focus on two issues: expansion and enforcement. The proposal would allow the system of take on more foreign workers. Although the last of these bills was approved in June, none of them have been seen on the House floor yet, and Republicans have failed to introduce a bill that discusses undocumented immigrants in the United States.

In response, advocates for immigration reform are pressuring Republicans in the House to tackle immigration-related issues.

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