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The Story of Mexican Immigrant Employment in New York City

In a city with a population of over 8 million, it can be difficult to make ends meet. The cost of living is high and job competition is fierce, but Mexican immigrant workers seem to be beating the odds – albeit for all the wrong reasons. Mexican nationals in New York are employed at a higher rate than native New Yorkers, but experts suggest this is likely because employers want workers that won’t pipe up to employment abuses like overtime and wage violations. Many Mexican New Yorkers work more than one job and live in multi-family housing – all to be exploited.

An article published in the New York Times revealed,

In a time of widespread joblessness, Mexicans in New York have proved unusually adept at finding and keeping work. Of the city’s 10 largest immigrant groups, they have the highest rate of employment and are more likely to hold a job than New York’s native-born population, according to an analysis of the most recently available census data. They are even employed at a greater rate than Mexicans nationwide.

All this points to the greater problem of immigration in the United States. President Barack Obama’s platform during the 2012 election was immigration reform, and with little to no changes made in that regard to date, Obama has announced that he will start implementing changes by executive order – bypassing Congress.

In the White House’s own words, “America’s immigration system is broken.” According to the White House, employers who hire undocumented workers do little to help the immigrants or the economy. In fact, these types of employment practices significantly hinder both.

At the Fisher Legal Group, we want to bring hard workers to America legally. As citizens, these workers would be entitled to all protections afforded by U.S. law, including the right to minimum wage, the right to fair treatment at the workplace, and the right to overtime pay. Many hardworking immigrants in New York are underpaid, overworked, and suffering silently for fear of deportation.

We want to help you with your immigration and naturalization goals. Contact a New York City immigration lawyer at our law firm today to discuss your case.

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